LASIK Quiz with Dr. Marc Leibole


Do you have difficulty seeing in the distance without glasses?

Are you over the age of 21?

Do you have any rheumatologic or autoimmune conditions (such as rheumatoid arthritis, HIV or lupus)?

Has your distance vision remained fairly stable for the past few years?

Have you ever had herpes simplex infection in your eyes?

Like all surgical procedures, LASIK has the risk of complications. Even complication-free procedures can result in less than 20/20 vision, or infrequently may produce side effects such as glare or halos. These risks are very low for appropriate candidates, and most problems can be treated and resolved. If you are an appropriate LASIK candidate, are you willing to accept a reasonable risk?

In order to qualify for LASIK surgery, would you be willing and able to attend a few evaluation/pre-operative visits as well as several follow-up visits?

Are you currently taking steroids or immunosuppressant medications?

Do you have keratoconus or glaucoma?