For many years I wore mono-vision contacts (one eye for distance, one eye for near vision). Mono-vision is always a compromise because the result of what I saw was always a blend of near and far vision (I was needing to supplement when driving and reading with different glasses). When it was time to have cataract surgery I explored having the surgery with three different ophthalmologists. Cataract surgery using mono-vision as the result is an option and was recommended as a possibility partly because the surgeons knew that I was familiar and comfortable using mono-vision with my contacts.

However, Dr. Villazon’s and Dr. Leibole’s office nurses and doctors recommended also an option to use multi-focal procedure. Although the surgery is $3,500 more than medicare provides, it was the best $3,500 I could have spent. The surgery was a year ago and I just had my yearly follow-up. I am 77 and my vision is perfect. I never wear glasses for any activities which was my wish. I highly recommend multi-focal surgery for those that are considering cataract surgery; I am glad to talk about it with anybody who is interested. The entire staff at both practices; Premier Vision Consultants and Eye Care and Laser Surgery of Newton Wellesley including the technicians, nurses and receptionists were very informative and helpful throughout the process. I felt like I was in great hands.

Phoebe Compton – Cataract Surgery

I had a great experience with Lasik. I had no dry eyes, no pain and my vision is GREAT! After using glasses since the fourth grade, living without glasses is great. Before Lasik I could only use prescription glasses or sunglasses, now I am able to use any sunglasses. So, I will say it again, Lasik was great and Eye Care and Laser Surgery was perfect!

Michael Surjaputra

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Leibole for years and had a wonderful experience. He performed a Lasik enhancement and it worked out perfectly. Dr Leibole walked me through the procedure and set expectations for the recovery which was very helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Leibole to anyone who has eyecare needs.

Young Kwon

I had a terrific Lasik surgery experience with Dr. Leibole and his staff. Easy scheduling, well set expectations, day-of procedure, and follow ups combined for an excellent outcome! Happy to say “goodbye” to years of contact lens use.

Rawson Hubbell

I can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Leibole and the entire staff at Eye Care and Laser Surgery of Newton Wellesley. From the moment you walk into the office they are warm and welcoming. You are always seen at the time of your appointment and the staff goes out of their way to make you feel special, especially the office manager, Maggie. After deciding to undergo laser surgery, I met with several doctors before coming to Eye Care and Laser Surgery of Newton Wellesley. After meeting with Dr. Leibole I knew I wanted him to perform the procedure. He made me feel very comfortable about the expected recovery time and results. He didn’t promise me anything that he couldn’t deliver and in fact my results are even better than he expected. I am so happy with my experience that i referred two coworkers and a family member to Dr. Leibole for laser surgery and all three are as happy with the results and experience as I am.

Boaz Levin