This is one of the best run practices I’ve ever been to! The front desk staff are extraordinarily friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable about the complicated world of co-pays. I was quickly taken into the exam room, where I had a preliminary exam by a highly skilled technician who clearly and confidently explained what he was measuring and why. He was engaging and enthusiastic about the work, which are wonderful traits that you don’t often see in this type of setting.

The portion of the visit with Dr. Leibole was efficient yet thorough and not rushed. As a non-clinician, it’s often difficult to judge someone’s clinical skills, but Dr. Leibole’s are superb. When I first stated seeing Dr. Leibole several years ago, he was the first ophthalmologist who identified and explained why I often have trouble reading the letters on an eye chart, even though my vision is generally quite good. Prior optometrists and ophthalmologists had just laughed it off, but Dr. Leibole actually addressed the issue.

Although less important than the clinical care, the physical space is terrific. The new location (as of September 2021) is close to the previous space, it’s easy to find, and there is plenty of (free) parking. The office suite is well designed, and the patient flow is intuitive. Again, this is not something you see every day.

The overall patient experience is wonderful, and I recommend this practice for everyone.

A loyal Patient. “J.T”