Fortunate … lucky … blessed! Descriptives that readily come forth in capturing my assessment of being one of Dr. Marc Leibole’s sincerely appreciative patients.

Dr. Leibole is an outstanding ophthalmology specialist … competent, caring, warmly extending and detailed. He is also an expert educator—carefully explaining procedures, assessments, and the newest developments in eye care. He is also most patient with his patients … taking time to answer questions and queries.

I very recently attended a presentation given by Dr. Leibole at his Eye Care and Laser Surgery office. The evening event featured LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation, an effective treatment for dry eyes and MGD (meibomian gland disease.) The information presented and the entire professional session was so informative, helpful, and supportive. Having dealt … for some time … with allergy discomfort plus dry, itchy eyes — I enthusiastically participated in a Lipiflow treatment at Dr. Leibole’s office. It has provided relief, reduction in redness, and a most welcome eye comfort! A huge “thank you, Dr. Leibole” … it has made a noteworthy difference. A special thank you, too, Andy … for your warm support and thorough explanations during the LipiFlow procedure.

Additionally, Dr. Leibole’s whole staff has always been accommodating, extending, and most helpful. I have continually appreciated their evident assistance and warm, concerned support. Dr. Leibole and his entire TEAM have frequently, generously fit me into an already busy schedule each time I have telephoned in a “call for help”! I have never experienced a — “three strikes and you’re OUT” —response! It’s always been a “home run experience”!

With sincere gratitude,