“I had chronic pain in my eyes throughout my life and had been seen by several doctors, who were unable to determine the source of pain and recommended eye drops for “dry eye syndrome.” At my first visit, Dr. Leibole realized that I had chronic allergies under my eyelids which were irritated by my contact lenses. He was the first doctor to notice this. I asked for LASIK and he encouraged me to wait at least 6 months to be sure that he couldn’t solve my problem without surgery. Also, he wanted to be sure I was a good candidate. I did end up having the surgery and I  have been more than pleased with the process and the result. Not only is my vision excellent, but four years later, I have had absolutely zero pain in my eyes. Now that I have two kids, I cannot imagine struggling with painful eyes or dealing with glasses. Doing Lasik with dr. Leibole was the best decision I ever made! He is extremely honest, thorough and I would never go to a surgery mill especially if there are any complicating factors. I have recommended many friends and family member to have Lasik done with dr. Leibole and would only see him for my eye care, because he is truly the best.”