Phoebe Compton – Cataract Surgery

For many years I wore mono-vision contacts (one eye for distance, one eye for near vision). Mono-vision is always a compromise because the result of what I saw was always a blend of near and far vision (I was needing to supplement when driving and reading with different glasses). When it was time to have cataract surgery I explored having the surgery with three different ophthalmologists. Cataract surgery using mono-vision as the result is an option and was recommended as a possibility partly because the surgeons knew that I was familiar and comfortable using mono-vision with my contacts.

However, Dr. Villazon’s and Dr. Leibole’s office nurses and doctors recommended also an option to use multi-focal procedure. Although the surgery is $3,500 more than medicare provides, it was the best $3,500 I could have spent. The surgery was a year ago and I just had my yearly follow-up. I am 77 and my vision is perfect. I never wear glasses for any activities which was my wish. I highly recommend multi-focal surgery for those that are considering cataract surgery; I am glad to talk about it with anybody who is interested. The entire staff at both practices; Premier Vision Consultants and Eye Care and Laser Surgery of Newton Wellesley including the technicians, nurses and receptionists were very informative and helpful throughout the process. I felt like I was in great hands.